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Experience Brazil & the world famous Carnival in February 2016 when the whole country is on fire and full of joy. From Rio de Janeiro to Salvador de Bahia, take part & experience the local festivities. Learn the Capoeira, visit the Samba City, fly over Rio de Janeiro by helicopter and treat yourself with a few days in Paraty, the undiscovered paradise of Brazil. For the divers and nature lovers, escape from the tourist spots and fly to Fernando de Noronha Island which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2002 for its natural environment.

It would be our pleasure to make special arrangements for you such as: a tour of Rio de Janeiro on a Harley Davidson, a private cruise in the bay of Paraty, or a private Percussion lesson in Bahia.


Visit the land of the "Rising Sun" between the months of March & April to witness the season of the Cherry Blossoms. Japan is waiting for the Cherry Blossoms to enjoy the beginning of Spring. Make sure that you arrive in March to be able to experience a Sumo match. Spend a morning at the Tsukiji Outer Market (Tokyo), the biggest wholesale fish market of the country, selling more than 2000 tons of Tuna per day. Go to Mount Fuji and stay in a luxurious Ryokan, and for the racing enthusiasts experience  driving at the Fuji speedway in a race car. 

Our team will be more than happy to arrange a private session with a Samurai Master for you to discover the history and experience the traditional martial arts.


The Philippines is one of the countries in Asia that is not as well known as its neighbours like Thailand and Indonesia. However, this gives you a great opportunity to experience the simplicity of its nature and its genuine people.
Start your journey with a quick stop in Manila to visit Intramuros, the old Manila, with its “Kalesas”. Fly to one of the 7,107 islands that the country has to offer. The island of Palawan is known as the pearl of the Philippines and Asia. Palawan is still untouched by heavy tourism. It is where you will find the most beautiful white beaches of the country.  Further south, spend a few nights in the island of Bohol to discover the Chocolate Hills, the tarsiers and the laidback lifestyle of the local people. The Philippines is the divers‘ paradise. All over the country, the diving spots are just as beautiful as one another.


France is one of the European countries with a lot to offer which makes it hard to visit everything in one trip. Of course, Paris is the first place to visit for its romantic and numerous cultural places such as the Louvre, the Orsay Museum, Notre Dame de Paris... After a stop in the world’s most beautiful capital, enjoy a trip in the countryside. For instance, you may visit the region of Normandy with its history during World War II, the Mont St Michel, and Deauville with its horse races. Or, experience culinary delicacies such as Calavados, a liquor served after a meal or in the morning with coffee; fresh oysters & scallops in St Malot; the famous Camembert, or a more unique cheese like the Livarot. Continue your trip with a visit to the Bordeaux region well known for its wines. Visit the region of Provence to experience the lifestyle of the French Riviera in Cannes, Nice and Monaco, and also its countryside with its local markets, lavender, honey and beautiful scenery of the Mediterranean Sea.


Australia is such a vast country that it represents a continent by itself. From the city Perth located on the West Coast to Sydney in the East Coast, it is more than an 8 hour flight. In Sydney, book a show at the world famous Opera House. Visit this unique city by starting in the Rock area: the old Sydney. Enjoy a day tour that will bring you all the way to Bondi beach. Bondi beach, the most well known beach in Australia, is the getaway from busyness of the city and the meeting place for surfers. In the suburbs of Sydney, have a wine tour of the most famous Australian vineyards. Located in the Sunshine Coast, Cairns has the biggest Ocean reef in the world: a perfect place for divers. Don’t leave Australia without visiting Alice Springs and Mt Uluru, the heritage site of Aborigines. Finish you journey in the city of Melbourne: the little Europe of Australia, the city of fashion, art and good food. Indulge yourself in a day tour on the Great Ocean Road with its amazing scenery.


The name Zanzibar is a combination of two Arabic words: « Zenj » meaning black and « bar » land, which gives « the land of the black ». Zanzibar is the island of spices, perfume, woodcarving and Dhows, the famous local boat. But it is also known for its beautiful beaches, which makes Zanzibar a beautiful gateway.
Your journey will start with a quick stop in Stone Town to learn about the history of slavery, followed by a city tour to see the world famous doors. Then, fly to Pemba island which is the second biggest island of the archipelago, which is also known as the « Green Island » or « Al-khudra » in Arabic. Pemba is not as developed as the other islands, which gives you the possibility to enjoy its peaceful environment for leisure and diving. The location of Pemba, between the Pemba channel and the open ocean, is what makes it incredible for diving. The abundance of marine life, big and small, allows amazing reef and night diving. Finish your trip in the island of Mnemba for a luxury escape in one of the most exclusive resorts of the archipelago. Divers are constantly surprised by the rich and diverse marine life near the island: turtles that breed on the island, dolphins and large schools of fish. Seasonally, whale sharks and humpback whales pass a few meters from the divers.


Sri Lanka is only 31km away from the Indian coast. But this island does not have anything to envy from its neighbour. In fact, Sri Lanka has a rich history with numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites. Your journey starts in Colombo to embark in a private helicopter transfer to the Cultural Triangle in Sigiriya province. Visit the exceptional cultural sites that the country has to offer: Dambulla with the Rock and the Golden temple. Ride a hot air balloon at sunrise to witness the beautiful countryside of this area. Further North, visit the city of Polonnaruwa which is the capital of Buddhism. In Kandy, enjoy a private dance lesson in a temple with local costumes and walk through the busy streets full of life and colours. For the animal lovers, get the chance to see leopards in the Yala National Park. Or, for those interested in Tea, visit the Ceylon region. Finish your trip in a luxury resort by the beach to relax and dive.

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